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Sources, Information, and Resources
From time to time, we receive questions about sources used on this website, usage of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and availability of various resources based on the BCP. The following list provides quick access to some of the information which is mentioned on various pages, and other reference materials associated with past inquiries.
About the Ordo Calendar - a list of the sources used, and descriptions of Liturgical Colors, how the Calendar is displayed, and how the dates shown for Saints Days were determined.
The "Weeks Before Advent" - an explanation of how the Lessons & Psalms for the three weeks prior to the First Sunday in Advent are determined.
The Lectionary - Background about The Lectionary/Calendar used as a source for the Lessons & Psalms.
About The Hourly Offices - Anglican Sources used to compile the Hourly Offices.
Concerning the Service of the Church - Instructions from the 1928 BCP regarding the usage of Worship Services, and how the Psalter and Lectionary are used within various services.
Tables from the 1928 BCP - Tables listing the Holy Days, describing how the date for Easter is determined, and how to determine what observances take precedence over others.
Miscellaneous Rubrics from the 1928 BCP - A Compilation of rubrics concerning Morning/Evening Prayer and Holy Communion.
Morning Prayer Readings and Evening Prayer Readings - Tables of the Psalms and Lessons for daily Morning and Evening Prayer.
Propers for the Church Year - Links to the Propers (Collect/Epistle/Gospel) for Sundays & Holy Days.
iCal Files - importable iCal format files with the Holy Days and Liturgical day of the year.
Sources for the 1928 Book of Common Prayer - a list of stores which may carry the 1928 BCP, and other related materials.

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