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Anglican Usage - About the Hourly Offices

There are many sources containing forms of the Hourly Offices which claim to be ancient, authoritative, or both. Some are Roman, pre-dating the Anglican Church; some are American, some English, some religious (that is, pertaining to religious orders such as the Franciscans and Benedictines), some parochial/clerical, and some lay-oriented. After searching through many of these and noting a great deal of repetition, four primary sources were chosen as the basis for this website:The Monastic Diurnal, The Anglican Breviary, A Manual for Prayers, and The Priest's Prayer Book. Other editions of the Offices used for reference include The Lesser Hours of the Day, Breviary Offices, and The Lesser Hours of the Sarum Breviary. The Hourly Offices contained in each of these was compared against the others, and an edited version harmonizing them to the greatest extent possible was created. The Hourly Offices as they appear here are not more "official" or valid than what can be found elsewhere; they are simply the result of one editor's selections from amongst the variety of available materials. Those with a deep interest in the Offices are encouraged to contact local clergy, bookstores and the Internet to obtain firsthand information.

(Some possible sources for out of print books can be found on our Resources page.)

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